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Reviews - Overkill
Reviews Overkill (2)
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Reviews - Pandemic (2)
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Reviews - Foxbat (2)
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Reviews - Timebomb (2)
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The first of my current series of novels - Overkill - was published as a hardback for the UK market and as a trade paperback for export (cover design for both editions above left) by Macmillan in August 2004. Even before the contract with Macmillan had been agreed, the book was purchased by Verlagsgruppe Random House GmbH (Germany), and was released as Operation Overkill by them in August 2004 (cover design above centre left). Between signing with Macmillan and publication of the United Kingdom edition, the book was also sold to Uitgeverij De Fontein in Holland (where it was published as Operatie Overkill in October 2004 - cover design above centre right) and to Futami Shobo in Japan (published in 2006 in two volumes - cover design for the pair above right).

Links for the European editions of these books are:

Overkill hardback English version (Amazon.co.uk)

Overkill paperback German version (Amazon.de)

Overkill paperback Dutch version (Crimezone.nl)



The cover for the open-market (world-wide English-language edition) and mass-market (United Kingdom edition) paperbacks is above. The open-market edition was released in January 2005 and the mass-market edition appeared on 17 June 2005, supported by various bookshop promotions, including Waterstones, Books Etc (Airport), W H Smith and Amazon (UK), and a poster campaign. The poster is shown below, and was positioned at around two hundred locations country-wide.

The link for this book is:

Overkill paperback English version (Amazon.co.uk)

This is the jacket blurb:

'The Cold War may be over, but the Russian arsenal of nuclear weapons is still in place. And when an emissary from an international terrorist group makes a disaffected Russian minister an offer he just canít refuse, the very survival of America hangs in the balance.

America and Europe have been seeded with nuclear weapons, strategically located in the centres of major cities, by a group of renegade Russians and their secretive Arab allies. The Russian intentions are clear, but why are the Arabs involved and what do they want?

Maverick trouble-shooter Paul Richter finds himself up against a mastermind determined to bomb America back into the Stone Age.  Caught up in a tense battle of wits and bullets, he only realises the full horror that is about to be unleashed on the world as the attack on the West begins.

But Richter is the only man with the knowledge and the ability to stop it. And time is running out.'




The second book - Pandemic - was published in hardback on 17 June 2005, at the same time as the mass-market paperback version of Overkill. This book was also been purchased by Uitgeverij De Fontein for release on the Dutch market in autumn 2005 (cover design above centre) and by Verlagsgruppe Random House GmbH for German release in 2006 (cover design above right). The cover image for the UK hardback version is above left.

The link for this book is:

Pandemic paperback English version (Amazon.co.uk)

This is the jacket blurb:

'Off the Mediterranean island of Crete an unlicensed diver, operating illegally, finds the thirty-year old wreck of an executive jet lying dismembered on the seabed. From its resting place amongst the corpses still strapped in their seats he recovers a steel case containing four heavily sealed vacuum flasks. The rogue diver manages to cut one of them open ... and within twelve hours he has succumbed to a hideous death.

Trouble-shooter agent Paul Richter is less than impressed when delegated to investigate the source of the mysterious killer, but his curiosity is piqued as he begins to encounter far more questions than answers.

Why has the CIA issued a Priority One directive requiring total destruction of the aircraft's remnants? Why is a hit team roaming Crete to eliminate anyone with knowledge of the missing flasks? Who is now picking off members of this hit team itself? And why are seemingly harmless retired agents back in America also getting professionally eliminated?

As Richter gets ever closer to unravelling a decades-old secret, even he is unprepared for the sheer horror of the truth that is about to be violently disclosed.'


The link for this book is:

Foxbat paperback edition (Amazon.co.uk)

This is the jacket blurb:

'A mysteriously empty aircraft hangar in the middle of Algeria. The crash of a transport plane in northern Russia. A violent robbery at a disused airfield in Bulgaria. The body of a front-line Russian fighter pilot found shot dead, execution-style, in the woods outside Perm.

A series of apparently unconnected events leads trouble-shooter Paul Richter to Moscow, where his old adversary Viktor Bykov needs his help. The Russian government has a problem. They're calling it `inventory errors', but the truth is that someone's been stealing their MiG-25 Foxbats, and they've no idea who, or why.

On the other side of the world, alarm bells ring in the USA when North Korea launches an intercontinental ballistic missile. But it's only when the Americans begin to mobilise their forces that the full extent of the threat becomes clear.
And Richter finds himself back in the pilot's seat of a Harrier over North Korea, fighting his way past surface-to-air missiles and dodging supersonic interceptors to complete his mission before Seoul is destroyed by a devastating chemical weapon attack.'



The link for this book is:

Timebomb hardback edition (Amazon.co.uk)

This is the jacket blurb:

'What should have been a routine arrest turns into a bloody shoot-out near Geneva that leaves four terrorists and four policeman dead, and Richter on the run from a murder charge.

Closer to home, an old tramp is viciously murdered on the Isle of Sheppey.

Then a surveillance operation in Stuttgart goes badly wrong when someone tips off the terrorists that the police are closing in.

As Richter looks for some connection between these widely separated events, he discovers a diabolical plot intended to devastate the City of London and leave thousands dead. A plot that will combine the world's largest ever non-nuclear explosion with the power of the sea to deadly effect.

As the tension mounts, Richter finds himself pitted against both a vicious and highly experienced professional terrorist and a ruthless gang of international criminals.

But the identity of the mastermind comes as a shock to everyone.'


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