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Reviews - Overkill
Reviews Overkill (2)
Reviews - Pandemic
Reviews - Pandemic (2)
Reviews - Foxbat
Reviews - Foxbat (2)
Reviews - Timebomb
Reviews - Timebomb (2)
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Overkill Reviews (2)

These reviews were either submitted through the website by visitors, or sent to me personally by email or letter. All I've done with them is remove the identity of the sender to protect his or her privacy, and correct any typos.

"At last, an author up there with Ludlum. I shall be getting your other books. Write fast."

"I am a 60 year old married man but until now not an avid reader but I must say that Overkill was one of the finest books I have read in a long time. What I enjoyed most of all was the continual action, suspense, twists and turns etc right from the off and all the way to the last page. Excellent, excellent, excellent. What would recommend for me to read next?"


"I cannot remember if I told you that I had finished Overkill and enjoyed it greatly. (The name is Barrington, James Barrington!). I look forward to the next one."

"Thanks for the first two. Overkill is one of my top five books! Excellent! Any time scale ideas if I'm asked what I want for Christmas?"

"I bought both books from Bookers and read Overkill first. I am 71 years old and do most of my reading in bed at night-time. I was thoroughly engrossed in the book and I read for over 4 hours. It was the first thing I picked up when I awoke. A brilliant and thoroughly entertaining book. Pandemic was different but still as entertaining. The character Richter is a one-off - he makes other agents look like choirboys. The two books together. Brilliant. What a debut. When is your next one due to be published?"

"First I would very much say a BIG THANKS for your book Overkill. You, sir, are a very good writer, top class. My favourite authors have for many years been Sidney Sheldon from California, and Wilbur Smith from South Africa, but now you are absolutely even better. No doubt about that. Am now half way through the book, and read it with great interest, but I will also tell you, that I had just read page and a half, when I told my wife: Here we have a good writer."

"I'm from The Netherlands and I read your book called Operatie Overkill. I enjoyed the book from the first to the last page. Thank you for the hours that I spent by reading this book. I look forward to buying your second book called Dodelijke Lading. It is in the bookshop from October, so I have to wait a couple of weeks."

"I would just like to inform you about how much I enjoyed reading Overkill. I read about 40 thrillers a year, and most of the time I get annoyed by the mistakes against tradecraft, operational procedures or poor research displayed by the writer. Your debut novel was one of the best researched (and best informed, clearly written by an insider) novels I ever read, including the best Forsyth books. I am patiently awaiting the paperback edition of Pandemic. Again, thank you for creating one of the best reading experiences I had in the last years, and please don't stop writing."

"I purchased Overkill for my holiday – once again a fantastic read, and finished in 2 days. I really hope the RNR is as exciting as that when my time comes to finally leave the mob… It’s odd, but in my mind’s eye I see a lot of the late Jack London in Richter – a coincidence perhaps, but at least I had fond memories once again of a great aviator."

"I bought Pandemic from Amazon a couple of weeks ago having thoroughly enjoyed Overkill."

"I know it has been a long time...  but I finished Overkill on Thursday and it was GREAT!!!!  I really did enjoy reading it! Of course, I especially enjoyed the references to Ickenham - and the part about the Tower's reaction to the Blackbird landing at Lossie...  :)  But those were just extras - the story kept my attention and was very realistic.  Clearly you did LOADS of research.  If I were to have any criticism, it would only be that it took me a long time to get through the 551 pages!  But I can't think of enough other great things to say! Now I guess I'll have to sit tight for another several months for the paperback of Pandemic... I am very impressed.  Well done!!"

"Overkill. I enjoyed this very much too.  I would have appreciated a glossary of the Russian and Arab names of the  minor characters.  I remember that once or twice I had to hunt back through the early pages to remind myself who a particular name was."

"Just finished reading Overkill...and thoroughly enjoyed it, will be out to get Pandemic soon.  Came across your book by chance in Waterstones bookseller, glad I did.  Keep up the good work."

"I would just like to say that while at Manchester Airport last week I picked up your Overkill novel (due to the front cover), I must say I found it a brilliant read as I was unable to put it down and I'm now out to buy Pandemic. Please keep up the great work, move over Tom Clancy."

"I bought your book just out of curiosity, stimulated by the great cover (I'm an aviation enthusiast and a Blackbird fan) and I really enjoyed it. Keep writing."

"It was a book one couldn't put down and I really enjoyed it, though it couldn't be more topical could it?"

"I am already half through and I must say: you really know how to 'grab' the reader! It takes some effort to put the book down."

"Got Overkill - excellent 5 star job you've done! When's the next one?"

"Wonderful book! Looking forward to the next one."

"[My husband] has asked me to pass on to you his congratulations on your book.  He has just finished reading it and thoroughly enjoyed it.  Well written and gripping. He says as an ex soldier and a shooting man he really appreciated all the armoury details. When is the next book out?"

"Hey, good writer, fantastic hardcore 'Callan' type character who squared 'things' away. Keep fighting management. Thank you for a trip back to the real world. Cheers"

"Overkill by James Barrington is a very good read that provokes one's thoughts about what might happen if today's terrorists acquired tomorrow's weapons of mass destruction. The author obviously draws on his wide experience in other fields to bring authenticity to his fast moving action-packed story. His book is the sort you can't put down and I look forward to reading his next."

"It is a very long time since I enjoyed a thriller as much as I did in reading Overkill. I find it hard to understand how anyone can have such a vivid imagination to compile such a huge variety of situations in so much incredible detail. For me it was compulsive reading. Although the story was intricate, I found it very easy to read. I look forward enthusiastically to your next creation."

"Hello. Just finished Overkill and found it a great read and hope next book is just as good. Thanks."

"I take this opportunity to tell you how much I enjoyed reading Overkill - I found not only exciting but also very informative and your style beats that of Clancy. I look forward to reading the next one and many more to come."

"Well I'm SERIOUSLY impressed.  Congratulations!  it was a really good read, kept me reading 'til 1am (usual switching out time 11pm) and then resuming at 7am before I got up.  I could have done with a list of acronyms since I couldn't retain what they all stood for, but otherwise it is of course packed with lots of informative detail.  I've passed it on to a friend. What an achievement!"

"Very, very good.  Thought that the technical bits were very well done, I even felt like I understood them.!!  Should come with a warning that you cannot possibly put it down once started.  Have to have an autograph!"

"I am reading your book at the moment and I can hardly leave it in suspense. Congratulations for having got all the flying matters correct - that is very rare as you know. I am also impressed with your Russian geography (I have found no mistakes so far!) Looking forward to see how it ends so I must leave now to continue."


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