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Reviews - Pandemic (2)
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Reviews - Overkill
Reviews Overkill (2)
Reviews - Pandemic
Reviews - Pandemic (2)
Reviews - Foxbat
Reviews - Foxbat (2)
Reviews - Timebomb
Reviews - Timebomb (2)
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Pandemic Reviews (2)

These reviews were either submitted through the website by visitors, or sent to me personally by email or letter. All I've done with them is remove the identity of the sender to protect his or her privacy, and correct any typos.

"Very good story. I thought the amount of detail that you put in, reflected the research that you had done. It was very informative. The only thing I would say is that, for myself, a non-flying civilian, reading a novel for entertainment, the technical flight information was a little too heavy. For ex servicemen, it is excellent, as those details are what they look for. All in all I thoroughly enjoyed the book. It is now with my neighbour, who is ex Navy!"

"I first purchased Pandemic on holiday in Spain at the time not knowing anything about you or the book but was drawn by the cover image! I could not put the book down! It was one of the if not the best book I had ever read, it really got me thinking part fiction part fact who knows really but a really thrilling read! From that I bought Overkill again the cover (being my favourite plane) helped and thoroughly enjoyed that, as with Foxbat! I really get into your style of writing and the characters that you have created, I have just started Timebomb which looks to be as good as the rest! Just wanted to congratulate and thank you for your work and wish you continued success."

"I have just finished reading Pandemic. I read it as an exciting and absorbing novel and found myself looking at the very real possibilities it opened up. What started out as an action novel ended up as a book that set my mind asking lots of questions that had no definite answers but numerous what if's. Any book that makes us think is a worth while experience and Pandemic certainly did this for me, I thank you for the experience and will now search out other books you have written with great anticipation."

"Just wanted to say, that you are an excellent writer and I look forward to hundreds more of your highly enjoyable novels, itís like James Bond, but realistic and without the gadgets."

"Just read Pandemic. As an avid reader, I usually get through 2 or 3 books a week and have been having an 'action man' fest with a clutch of Andy McNab, Chris Ryan, Jack Higgins and two new-to-me writers, Dale Brown and yourself! Really enjoyed Pandemic; loved Richter's insubordinate style and Simpson's typically British sarcasm and thoroughly enjoyed the totally believable dialogue.  There was a nice twist when the body that turned up in the water after Krywald and Stein had blown the jet wreck was David Elias; I had completely forgotten about him, so caught up in the story, and I so didn't want it to be Crane! I did find the explanations a bit lengthy - I'm not such a 'bloke' that I go in for all the techy stuff - and to be honest, I skipped the Aristides autopsy detail because you'd already told me what I needed to know - that the lungs were full of blood. I would say it seemed that there were some very long passages without any dialogue, but I liked knowing what the villains were thinking. And I was really pleased at the absence of the stereotype stunningly beautiful, highly intelligent female agent that usually gets in the way of a good yarn - or was that very catty of me?  I just would rather read a story about SAS camaraderie or male agents doing their thing without the token female, that's all. Terrifying concept, and horribly believable - what persuaded you to write such a book? I usually buy my books (then sort out the keepers from the charity shop donations) so will definitely be getting Overkill and Foxbat. I will also try out Damien Lewis on your recommendation. Thanks for such a great read."

"It's mentioned on your website that you invite comments on your books and I've just read Pandemic. It was one of the best books I've ever read and I found it unputdownable. Minor criticisms would be that the autopsy description went on too long and at the end of the book, I wouldn't have thought one man would take on 3 to 4 others. I've read most of Andy McNab's and Chris Ryan's books and I would say that you maintained the tension almost without interruption from cover to cover. I would like to thank you very much for giving much pleasure and I now look forward to getting hold of your other books."

"I recently read your Pandemic novel, and was so gripped by it, I then read Overkill, which I also thoroughly enjoyed.  Now I am awaiting the September issue of Foxbat. I greatly admire your writing style, and the obvious knowledge behind your work presumably much of it based on your personal experience, together with the meticulous research which clearly characterises your work.  I look forward to keeping up with your future writing, and the pleasure it gives me.

"I read somewhere a while back that you might have two new books coming out in 2007 - 2008. The names I have are Foxbat and Timebomb. Could you please tell me if this information is accurate and what the publication dates will be?"

"Read both your books and think they're great, quite unhappy to find out that I've read all the books you've done so far, wondering if you're writing a third and if so when's it likely to be out on the shelves?"

"Love the books, just read that the next one is out in September - still 4 months away!! Can't wait. Keep 'em comin'."

"Just finished reading your first novel, and am now feverishly working through the second, both of which I have found to be superb. I am a dog handler, and quite often find myself engrossed in another chapter, instead of patrolling ..... (does that make me a bad person??) .... so my question in .... is there going to be a third novel? Look forward to hearing from you."

"I am an eager fiction reader from South Africa.  I have read both your first books and enjoyed them enormously.  I would just like to find out if you can perhaps give me any idea when your next book(s) will be available, since I am really looking forward to it."

"Over the last two weeks I have read both your books. They are really great stories, the best I have read in a long time. Nail biting, edge of the seat stuff, I loved them. Just one question: When will your next one be out? Thank you for a truly great read."

"I loved both Pandemic and Overkill. Even though I read Pandemic first, the introduction of Richter was great in the first book. I can't wait for the next two books to come out. You're a great writer, keep it up."

"Overkill and Pandemic were fantastic! I eagerly await Foxbat and Timebomb. I think Richter is a great character, the best I way I've come to describe him by is James Bond mixed with Jack Bauer! Keep up the good work."

"Just to let you know how much I, and the rest of the family, enjoyed reading Pandemic. Looking forward to the next one."

"Just a brief note that I enjoyed your first two novels very much. The plots were excellent and the action scenes truly inspired. One quick question: when will the next Paul Richter books be published? Thanks again for some great reading."

"I read Overkill while living in Holland and absolutely loved it, but now am just over half way through Pandemic which is so far brilliant. Both are a pleasure to read and I have recommended them to many people. My question is when will the next two Paul Richter books be available? Thanks again."

"Just wanted to say thanks for Pandemic.  Quite fantastic, it got me through a flight from London-Munich-Moscow-Ekaterinburg (in one day). It was a real shame that I didn't buy Overkill at the same time for the journey home - I work in Russia for most of each month so Overkill will be going around with me on my next trip and no doubt it will be just as useful as Lonely Planet which is my bible out there!
            Because of my Russian connections I'd love to see Richter working with the Russian security services at one point.  Russia is a much misunderstood nation and I'd love to see Richter working with the Russians one some kind of adventure to protect the unexploited (huge) oil reserves in Siberia or something like that!  With the current political dependence on oil it seems that Russia is going to be increasingly seen as the source of the world's oil resources and therefore could become an area of the world for a power struggle - according to Russia, they have more oil yet to mined that Saudi Arabia, the Middle East and Venezuela together - not sure if that's true but seeing as if it was a country on it's own Siberia would be the largest on earth, there may be some truth in it!
            I've always liked the fact merged with fiction genre, but I felt that your books had a serious message behind them and were believable, which is perhaps where someone like Dan Brown falls down - although as a author I do enjoy his work - I just found yours much more thought provoking.
             I can tell from the website that you are a very well read man, but I'd like to share two of the best books I've read recently with you, although I'm fairly confident you may have already read them!  Firstly State of Fear by Michael Crichton, and secondly anything by Nelson DeMille (I'd recommend The Talbot Odyssey and The Lion's Game for starters).  I have a feeling you'd like these books!
             Keep up the good work, I can't wait for the next instalments and to find out what Richter gets up to!"

"Just thought I'd drop a note to say how good your two books, Pandemic and Overkill which I'm near the end of now, are!! Absolutely love 'em! I can't wait for the next one to come out (sooner rather than later I hope!) Anyway, that's all really. Thanks again!"

"Just a quick note to tell you how much i enjoyed your two novels Overkill and Pandemic.  I look forward to the next two books in the series and hope they will be easier for me to obtain in the States then the first two."

"Iíve just finished reading Overkill having bought it the day before I finished Pandemic. I usually only get time to read on the train on the way home from work, however, with both of these I found I was actually dipping into them to read a few (or more) pages whenever I got a chance.  All I can say is that theyíre excellent books, certainly in the same league as Tom Clancy and Frederick Forsyth and the one question I have is when the next one in the series will be published?"

"I am just enquiring whether you would be adding to your two first novels based on the character Paul Richter. I would greatly enjoy another, are you currently writing one? And if so when approximately would it be released? I found the other two novels (Pandemic and Overkill) to be very enjoyable with lots of unexpected twists and very good detail."

"I have just finished reading both of the Richter books and I have to say that they provided the most enjoyable reading I have had for some time. Many thanks for introducing Richter to the scene and I'm very much looking forwards to the next books. Do you have a provisional publication date?"

"I read far too much and many books entertain me and then are instantly forgettable. Having said that, some authors stick in the mind and the books become very memorable, to the degree that I keep nipping onto Amazon to see when the next one is out! Yours fall very much into this category so I did some surfing to see when you would next be delivering my next fix. Surprised and pleased to see you have the Amazon feedback quotes (including both my 4* reviews - fame at last!) and to repeat, I did really enjoy the novels."

"Got my copy of Pandemic from Amazon some five weeks ago. Enjoyed it.  Thought it an improvement on Overkill, more easily readable and a good story. It's a hard back, so I am looking forward to the author signing it."

"Pandemic. I enjoyed it very much, and was appalled by the implications.  I think your American publishers are very courageous. Generally, it took me some time to get used to the American prose; but I accepted it in the end because of course nearly all the characters are American.  However I was slightly surprised when it continued into the epilogue, which I felt was the author talking to me rather than James Barrington telling a tale.  Having said that, the epilogue reminded me of a book I read some time ago about the unscrupulous practice of the international pharmaceutical companies in Africa.  The depth of your research and the conclusions you draw, which are incontrovertible, leave me ashamed of the attitudes of many of us in the western world."

"Pandemic is an excellent read, no romance, no sex, well written, continuous action and a bit gruesome, just like the authorís first book Overkill.  Again, the plot is well constructed and he manages parallel story lines without losing the reader. There is a mass of detail about geography, weapon systems and British Naval operating procedure, which for most readers will be fascinating though it can get in the way of the pace.

        The story concerns a fiendish, 30-year old CIA plot, which now comes to light with bloody consequences and needs to be sorted out by our intrepid British secret service agent.  Now, you may think that is a bit far-fetched but by page 467 you might just believe it, especially when you read the epilogue.

        Last year I forecast that author 'James Barrington could become a household name if his second book maintained the standard'.  I will stick with that prediction. Pandemic is very good."

"Congratulations on a great thriller - supposed to take it on holiday with me in a few weeks but ended up reading it in a day! As a serving pilot on 814 NAS, I was first drawn to the Merlin on the sleeve, and a cursory search through showed references for 814 Squadron, well I just had to get it. I usually expect to find glaring errors in anything to do with the Navy but thankfully yours are spot on. Those in the know (Merlin aircrew) will probably have good fun poring over the Merlin bits that are inaccurate (A ripple three? In a Merlin? I wish!) and the obvious real world sonar limitations (we're good, but not that good..)  but hey, what's a bit of poetic licence amongst WAFUs..."


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